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   HAVEN International Education Program is not here for rearing a child. We are here to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. Students, who choose to study abroad without any strong will, can hardly complete the program successfully. We ask students to follow the rule strictly since the parents invest a huge amount of money on their child/student. If students do not follow the policies, according to our three-strike out rule, the contract will be terminated, and students will be sent back to their parents (in Korea) without any refund.

   If you are the student who desires to study diligently and to experience diverse cultures, please contact us anytime!

Rules & Regulation

1. No Alcohol

2. No Smoking

3. No Sex

4. No Driving

5. Maintain at least 3.0 GPA

Contract Period : ~ until college admission

Contract Cancellation : If a student violates above policies 3 times,

the contract will be terminated without any refund.

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