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HAVEN International Education Program

    HAVEN (“Safe House”) Education Group is located in Orange County, California, known for the warm and safe environment to live and study. HAVEN College Admission & Financial Aid program has helped around 200 students to be admitted to prestigious universities with more than $3,000,000 of financial aid in total.

    HAVEN’s philosophy is independence; an independent person who can make his/her own decision and be responsible for it. As students begin to attend college, our society expects them to be responsible adults. If they do not learn how to be independent during their journey to college, it is the same as wasting their time and money. In order to prevent this, they should learn how to make their own decisions and become responsible before attending a college.

    Receiving a diploma from a prestigious university does not hold as much value as it used to. Development in transportation and technology has brought the world closer, and has created more opportunities, but competition. Character and communication have become more important. Nowadays, the right competitive people are those who have a broad expertise and stories, attractive personality and responsibility, and understanding and communication skills.

    Therefore, the key to success in study-abroad is to check whether the student has become a right-minded adult with independence. Based on these philosophies, Haven Education Group makes a concrete master plan and practice it under the three goals: entering a college, learning culture and becoming independent. Through this practice, students would accomplish their goals, attending a university, and learn various cultures.


Too many students are good at studying. But, their good GPAs do not guarantee acceptances from prestigious universities.

Strategy matters! Numerous high school students graduate with All A’s and high scores in SAT/ACT. However, without any proper strategy, they can’t get accepted by their dream college even with high GPA and good test scores. The right college admission strategy is to create a list of universities that fit a student’s interest and academic ability based on a thorough aptitude analysis. With the analysis, a HAVEN’s master plan is created, which develops our personalized university counseling.

     A lot of students waste their time by giving up in the middle of the college. They entered a university that their parents have wanted, but decided their majors without knowing their interest. HAVEN is concerned about our students’ interest so we prepare effective academic plans for the college admission because it is more than just going to a right college.






HAVEN procedure and supervision



5 strategic factors of college admission

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